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Welcome to the Pleasure Dome

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This is an ADULT ROLE-PLAY community. It is not for the faint of heart or loins.It is of a sexual nature.

Please READ THE RULES before joining.

Welcome to 

Red Velvet Room

Come on in, kick off your shoes and sit down for a spell. Get comfy and share with us. That's right, we are all about sharing your fantasy role-playing games! Lets get creative, give others ideas for new bedroom games. List your tips and ideas.

Still don't understand? Let me give a few examples...

* Hooker or Gigolo: Ever pretend to pay for sex? Pick them up on the street or in a bar?
*Stripper: Good music, sexy attire and a g-string and voila! Got some music tips?
*Teacher: Have you been a bad boy or girl in class? Need to stay after and get your punishment?
*Porn stars: Make your own porn film?
*Maid/pool cleaner/gardener: Corny but common. Sex toy salesman? Rawrrrrrrrr
*Sex with a stranger, being picked up: Quite common and quite fun!

Do one of them or something more fun?!? THEN TELL
US.... share.... compare.. 

Got pictures of your role-playing? SHARE!

Yes I am sorry but we all have them.

*Make all posts FRIENDS ONLY!
*Keep your posts on topic, past experiences, links to fantasy ideas or costumes are also welcome!
*BE NICE! We will usually give a warning, but if you have crossed the line you will be banned immediately!
*Joining the community means you are of LEGAL AGE and CONSENT!
*NO advocacy of sex with children.
*Please try and LABEL your post with the specific role-play game. It will help us in the future with our memory section!

AND rememeber....LJ CUTS!!!!!
Now get in there and play!!!!